iNexBot Engineer Corporate Culture - Innovation, Trust, and Openness


iNexBot is a product development-oriented company, with research and development investment accounting for a significant proportion exceeding other costs. The research and development investment ratio of iNexBot will always remain above 20%. The success of technology and products is the core value of a company.

iNexBot grants its research and development team maximum autonomy, minimizing administrative overhead whenever possible, such as reducing unnecessary meetings and reporting work. We encourage "management without management is the best form of management." We believe that excellent research and development engineers possess self-management and self-motivation abilities. iNexBot only needs to create the best environment to allow researchers to fully utilize their abilities and passions.

Therefore, iNexbot's research and development team adopts a flat management structure, dedicated to shaping a corporate culture based on trust, self-drive, transparency, and openness, enhancing each employee's sense of belonging. We consider that employee creativity, enthusiasm, professional passion, and accumulated experience are the company's most valuable assets. We will continually provide training opportunities to enhance employees' capabilities.

iNexBot advocates a candid culture, encouraging open discussions, constructive criticism, and self-criticism. The Code review mechanism ensures the quality of development and enhances engineers' technical skills, providing clients with the most competitive products. We believe that talented individuals always aspire to work alongside excellent people. In an exceptional team, there is no need for KPI systems to assess and constrain employees. Communicating and evaluating feedback through code and products surpasses any work hierarchy and reporting mechanism. Talk is cheap, show me the code.

iNexBot encourages a culture of sharing, creating necessary conditions for team interaction, cohesion, innovation, and collective growth through technical and experience sharing.

The level and quality of product technology determine our height and future. As industrial products, their application scenarios relate to personal safety. We must be extremely cautious throughout the development process, always prioritizing reliability principles.

At iNexBot, any employee can contribute their ideas in management, products, and technology.

iNexBot values the realization of long-term value and is willing to make continuous long-term investments in core technology and employee capabilities.

iNexBot's research and development team is distributed across multiple locations, requiring all employees to communicate proactively, collaborate, and break geographical barriers in order to build overall combat effectiveness.

iNexBot Basic Law

  1. iNexBot's striving goal: To become a world-leading provider of motion control technology.
  2. iNexBot will never engage in the research, development, and manufacturing of robotic bodies or other terminal devices and will always focus on the component industry.
  3. iNexBot is a technology-based company dedicated to providing society with reliable and high-performance products. Research and development investment accounts for no less than 20%, while the combined proportion of management and sales does not exceed 10%.
  4. We respect individual freedom and innovation consciousness, believe in the power of teamwork, and provide the best development platform for outstanding talents.
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