Loaded Dynamics in NexDroid


Loaded Dynamics in NexDroid

The NexDroid system is equipped with built-in on-load dynamics such as moment feedforward, collision detection, and drag and drop teaching developed by inexbot.

inexbot Robot Dynamics (bilibili)

Torque Feedforward

The torque feedforward function is designed to know the motion of the robot arm before the actual motion of the arm, and to adjust and optimize some deviations that may occur during the motion of the robot arm based on this motion, such as jittering of the robot arm motion under certain postures or after loading. Torque feedforward makes it possible to know what torque the joints should move under before the arm moves, thus reducing the overshoot in the motion process, which means the jitter is suppressed in the macroscopic expression.

In addition to jitter suppression, the torque feedforward function can also improve the operating speed of the robot arm, reduce the position following error, and increase the softness of the robot arm movement. In terms of use, the torque feedforward function can be applied when running a job program by turning on the torque feedforward switch after completing the kinetic recognition.

In use, the kinetic function with load can be applied to actual production by simply filling in the mass and offset of the load. In addition, during production, the load at the end of the robot arm can be updated by command, thus greatly increasing the flexibility of the function.

Combining the kinetic function with load support and torque feedforward function can effectively solve the jitter problem when the robot arm is loaded with a heavier load, and can improve the movement speed of the robot arm.

Drag teaching

The kinetic-based drag teaching does not require an external force sensor, so even ordinary 6-axis robots can be drag taught smoothly and drag trajectories can be recorded and played back. Only the mass and offset of the load need to be filled in to perform dragging with a load.

inexbot Drag Teach (bilibili)

Collision detection

The collision detection function with loaded dynamics can be adapted to any 6-axis robot. The high sensitivity even with load without external sensors greatly reduces the incidence of production accidents.

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