Product Introduction

R2C——Compact size and space-saving

R2C is iNexBot's next-generation compact IO (Smart IO), with a product size that is very close to that of a smartphone, saving wiring space. It is equipped with 16 In/16 Out digital signal interfaces to meet basic needs. It can also be expanded with other EtherCAT modules.

Product Parameters

Bus speed100Mbps
Distributed clockssupported
Power supply24V DC
Digital input16 in, polarity configurable
Digital output16 out (MOS tube)
Operating temperature0~60°C
Relative humidity95%, non-condensing
Communication cycleminimum 200us

Product Advantages

Compact size

With a size similar to that of a smartphone, it saves wiring space inside the electrical cabinet, effectively reducing the volume of the cabinet and leaving more space for other modules, providing greater possibilities for factories.


If the requirements are not met, it is possible to further expand with R1 or R2 IO modules or other EtherCAT modules. When combined with the NRC control system, it can be expanded up to 4 IO modules, which meets the majority of the factory's requirements.

Built-in rail slot

It comes with a built-in rail slot, allowing for easy installation and deployment on the rail.

Reliable quality

Made with selected high-quality electronic components and tested for various parameters such as EMC, temperature and humidity, and electrostatic discharge (ESD), ensuring stable operation.

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