Collaborative Robot Controller

Product Introduction

iNexBot's collaborative robot control system is a dedicated controller for collaborative robots. It adopts self-developed control algorithms and dynamics algorithms, with features such as dynamics-based drag teaching, collision detection, and dynamic feedforward, enabling smooth and flexible drag teaching, as well as trajectory recording and playback.

It comes with a variety of general processes such as loading and unloading, sorting, palletizing, spraying, dispensing, vision, conveyor tracking, and can be customized according to user needs. It also provides a comprehensive API interface - NexDroid API, allowing users to develop their own process algorithms and interfaces in a completely independent and controlled manner.

Please refer to the Open Platform NexDroid for related documents

Product Advantages

Dynamics technology

iNexBot's on-load dynamics technology enhances the drag smoothness of robots in loaded scenarios and improves collision detection sensitivity without the need for sensors. With the assistance of dynamic feedforward, it effectively suppresses the vibrations during the operation of heavily loaded robots and the vibrations in loaded conditions.

iNexBot's dynamics identification process is fully automated. After ensuring the safety of the testing trajectory, the dynamic parameters can be identified through the robot's automatic execution of the predefined trajectory, without the need for manual calculations.

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Drag teaching and trajectory playback

The system supports dynamics-based drag teaching, allowing for trajectory recording and playback.

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Built-in general processes

The system is equipped with various general processes such as loading and unloading, sorting, palletizing, spraying, dispensing, vision, conveyor tracking, and can be customized according to user needs. By utilizing the built-in general process functions, users can easily and quickly implement the desired process.

Open interfaces

iNexBot Open Platform NexDroid provides open API interfaces, allowing everyone to develop applications. It supports customers to perform secondary development and integrate processes based on C/C++/C#/Python/Lua/Js, enabling them to have control over core process experience, protecting their intellectual property and domain expertise.

Architecture diagram

Offline programming

The iNexBot control system supports offline programming techniques and is now compatible with multiple offline programming vendors, including SprutCAM, RobotMaster, and RobotDK. It can be widely used in various fields such as engraving and spraying.

High precision

With the support of robot body accuracy, the NRC series control system can achieve a trajectory accuracy of within ±0.4mm and a repeat positioning accuracy of within ±0.02mm.

Product Parameters

ControllerProcessor: X86 4 core 2.0G; Memory: 2G; Storage: 32G
Teach pendant8-inch TFT-LCD color LCD screen, Linux+QT system, full touch screen operation, robot common buttons, mode selection switch, safety switch, emergency stop button
Control axesCobot
Control servoEtherCAT, CANopen
Operation modeTeach, Auto, Remote
Programming methodTeach programming, Offline programming, Drag teaching
Motion functionPoint-to-point, straight line, circular arc, spline curve, linear swing, FLYBY
Instruction systemMotion instruction, logic instruction, input/output instruction, operation instruction
Position control methodPoint-to-point control, continuous trajectory control
Coordinate systemJoint coordinate system, Cartesian coordinate system, tool coordinate system, user coordinate system
ApplicationsAssembly, dispensing, spraying, palletizing, cutting, polishing and grinding, sorting, etc.
Power supply24V 60W (controller 30W, teach pendant 30W)

Dimensional diagram

Dimensional diagram
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