T30 Teach Pendant

Product Introduction

The T30 teach pendant is a universal hardware platform for robot teaching. This product has the following advantages:

  1. It adopts a high-performance TI Cortex-A8 32-bit industrial control processor, which excels in graphics processing, industrial Ethernet, and flexible peripherals.
  2. It features professional human engineering design, with an aesthetic structure. The overall layout and design take into full consideration the humanization factor, providing users with a good operating experience.
  3. The buttons and indicator lights have good scalability, making it convenient for users to customize.
  4. It has an 8-inch TFT large screen, providing a rich and clear human-machine interaction interface, enhancing the product's level.
  5. It is designed with complete independent intellectual property rights, with a mature and stable software and hardware platform.
  6. Fully equipped with functional components, optional accessories such as enable switch and touch pen, it can fully meet the application needs of different users.
  7. It has an industrial-grade design and high reliability.

Product Parameters

ProcessorTI Sitara AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 32-bit RISC Microprocessor, up to 1GHz
Memory256MB DDR3, 4GB eMMC
LCDTFT 8inch 800*600
Touch screenRuggedized 4-wire resistive screen
PanelFunction buttons: 12; Axis buttons: 12; Indicators: 6
USB portUSB 2.0: 1
Communication interfacesRS485, CAN, Ethernet
Functional componentsE-stop switch: 1; Selector switch: 1; Electronic handwheel: 1; Touch pen: 1
Rated input voltage/currentDC 24V
Working environment temperature-40~85℃
Working environment humidity≤90%

Functional Components

E-stop switch

  • Used for emergency stop situations, such as when there is a risk of personal injury or damage to machine or workpiece.
  • When pressed, it can be unlocked by rotating to the right.

Selector switch

Used for selecting and switching between different states of the handheld device, such as teach, auto, and remote.

Electronic handwheel

Used for fine adjustment of machine axes' positions, with 20 pulses per revolution.

Touch pen

Optional accessory that facilitates user operation on the touch screen.

Enable switch

Optional accessory with three positions: inactive, enable (middle position), activated (fully pressed). The enable switch signal line is connected internally in the handheld device, eliminating the need for additional wiring.

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