Offline Programming

The NRC series control system supports most of the offline programming software available in the market, and the software that has been already adapted includes SprutCAM, Trustrobot, and PQArt.

Non-stop Programming

Does not occupy the robot's processing time, helping users maximize profit by utilizing the robot more efficiently.

Expanded Application Range

Capable of achieving trajectories that cannot be accomplished through manual teaching, expanding the robot's application range and maximizing its value.

Automatic Inspection and Problem Solving

Automatically checks and resolves the following issues: collisions, singular points, exceeding limits, and unreachable positions.

Automatic Generation of More Reasonable and Safer Motion Trajectories

Automatically generates more reasonable and safer motion trajectories.

Improved Efficiency

Faster and more precise than manual teaching programming, greatly improving programming efficiency.

Reduced Workload

Reduces the operator's workload, increasing employee satisfaction and loyalty.

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